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Life Line Classic

Life Line Classic


Square Tubular Structure Panel type with Powder Coated or fully Stainless Steel.
Antistatic Castor Wheels with Breaks.
Provided a Stainless Steel tray & a stainless steel drawer at table top position.

Compact Yoke: 2 nos. each for Oxygen & Nitrous oxide gas specific (pin-indexed) Yokes with S.S. Clamping bar fitted at the back side  for 5 litre water capacity cylinder.

2.5" Panel Type pressure Gauges: 2 nos. For Oxygen & 2 nos. for Nitrous Oxide fitted at convenient angle in the front panel to show the cylinder pressure.

2" panel type pressure gauge: 1 no. for Oxygen 1 no. for Nitrous Oxide fitted at convenient angle to show the line pressure.

Oxygen outlet 2 nos: Manifold arrangement type oxygen outlet point provided for driving ventilators, B.P.C. Flow meter, etc.

Changeover Mechanism: for open and close circuit system  a easy lever movement mechanism provided at table top level along with a push bottom for emergency oxygen.

Regulators: 2 nos. N2O regulators with cut-off facility & 2 nos. O2 regulators (pre-set).

Hypoxic Guard (O.R.C.): 230 mm. long accurately calibrated rotating float flow-meter. Oxygen - 100 ml/min. to 8 LMP& nitrous oxide 200ml/min To 12 LMP with Ratio controller.

Halothane Vaporiser: Halothane Vaporiser with bottle supplied as standard accessories.

Non-Return Cum Pressure Relief Valve: Blow of when Pressure exceeds 200 cm. of H2O.

Oxy failure Alarm: Audio-Visual automatic alarm is activated if oxygen supply pressure falls to 205 kpa.

Patient Circuit (standard accessories): Bagmount, Hose Mount, Expiratory Valve, Angle mount, Re-breathing bag (2ltrs.) Corrugated tube & Face Mask (size4) ( One each).

Circle absorber (double chamber):  supplied as standard accessories.

Provision for Use of: Circle absorber (double chamber), Ventilator (artificial respirator),  Vaporisers.

Optional Accessories: Circle absorber, Brains Circuit, Ventilator,  tubing connection, Pulse Oximeter, ECG monitor/ cardiac Monitor.

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